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Lama Choedak Rinpoche has named the project the Stupa Temple of Peace. It will be a purpose-built place of worship, meditation and inspiration that is dedicated to all the people of Canberra and Australia.

This project is the culmination of our organisation's long-held aspiration for a home in Canberra that can properly host all of our activities. A well-facilitated centre is a vital foundation for a Buddhist community to gather and practice and will effectively help to ensure its flourishing.


It is Rinpoche’s particular wish for “a sanctuary where people can come to heal, learn how to stop fear and insecurity and reconnect with their common humanity and community. Profound attitudinal healing, which transcends religion, race, gender and discrimination and which focuses on the core values of all peace-loving people, will be achieved”.

Programmes on Developing Mindfulness in Everyday Life have been assisting the community to address social problems such as: violence; alcohol, drug and other forms of addiction; mental illness and suicide; as well as religious extremism and cultural alienation. A properly resourced facility such as this new temple will help advance the Buddhist universal message of kindness, generosity, peace, inter-religious dialogue and harmony amongst cultures.

This project is also helping preserve the threatened and fragile legacy of Tibet’s culture and faith, which deserves an important place in the world’s heritage. Led by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the Tibetan example of kindness, humility, emotional resilience, family and spirituality have genuine relevance to our age.

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