Donation From Tharlam Ling

At the 10 Day Calm Abiding Retreat

1 October 2017

The 21st 10 Day Calm Abiding Meditation Retreat in September 2017 had more than the usual insights and joys of people engaging in their meditation practice…

On the final day of this year’s 10 Day Calm Abiding Mediation retreat, the SIBA Co-Ordinator, Joseph, and the Stupa Temple of Peace Project Manager, Jampal, made a brief presentation on the STOP project. THey explained the design, the difficulties we are facing and the joys of being involved. People were impressed by the ambition and motivation of the building project and were blown away by the architectural model.

There was also a special announcement by Phil Heang, who is the President of Tharlam Ling Buddhist Centre, Townsville. He, alongside the rest of the Tharlam Ling Committee, wanted to announce a generous donation of $3,000 to the Stupa Temple of Peace! 
From Phil:

"We up in Townsville wanted to make this donations to ensure that such a special place of healing can be built. We see this building as a magnet that will draw people into the society and they can discover the joys of meditation. My hope is that even children who pass by will say “Mum, Dad, I want to go there…” So thank you Rinpoche and everyone involved in this very special project."

We thank Tharlam Ling Buddhist Centre for their generous donation to this special project.
May we find more donors to build this temple without delay!

Written By Joseph Frawley