The effectiveness with which a harmonious Buddhist community can continue to meet and practice depends on properly established Dharma centres, with adequate facilities and human resources.

A temple is cherished by a Buddhist community, known as the sangha. It is a place for their spiritual inspiration where they are able to gather and engage in devotional practices of offering and prayer as well as the study, contemplation and meditation on the profound wisdom of the Buddha.

Buddhism is well known for its inclusiveness and accessibility for people from all cultures and faiths. Since its inception The Tibetan Buddhist Society of Canberra been actively promoting human values, peace, inter-religious dialogue and harmony amongst cultures through the Buddhist message and the unique Tibetan culture and language. Our courses and literature on the timely and relevant theme of Developing Mindfulness in Everyday Life assists individuals, families, government and non-government agencies to address various social problems such as: violence; alcohol, drugs and other forms of addiction; mental illness and suicide; as well as religious extremism and cultural alienation.

Buddhism has also attracted great interest in the fields of medical science and psychology. His Holiness the Dalai Lama has promoted the sharing of ancient spiritual wisdom knowledge of the human condition which has lead to advances in mind science and in the fields of psychology, education, neuroscience, metaphysics and others.

Our Community is regularly requested to give talks and represent at functions and forums on human values, health and well-being, and give instructions on meditation and mindfulness. We have been involved with various community group gatherings, private and secondary schools and universities, healthcare centres, corporations and even the Duntroon Officers' College. With our new large temple building we will be able to comfortably host these groups and attract the interest of others to our programmes.

Once the Stupa Temple of Peace is established, our term by term program of activities will include:

  • Tibetan language classes
  • Regular public talks on "Mindfulness in Everyday Life”
  • Annual Buddhist Vesak and Tibetan New Year cultural celebrations
  • Hosting the visits of internationally renowned Buddhist masters
  • School and other community group visits
  • Pan Buddhist and multi-faith gatherings
  • Tibetan Cultural events and gatherings
  • Eight week Calm Abiding Meditation course (four terms a year)
  • Weekly Buddhist Philosophy classes
  • Sunday meditation gatherings (followed by lunch offered to the community)
  • Our doors will be open weekdays to the public for visiting and meditation
  • Monthly weekend meditation and philosophy workshops

The most beneficial learning centre is a very well constructed, appointed and functioning temple. This project is of paramount importance for the development of Buddhism in Australia - click the button below to give generously: